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"I did 52,000 push ups last year! That sounds like a lot, but it was only 150 push ups a day. That's our job, turning the extraordinary into something that can be tackled in small, daily activities. That's how someone earns their black belt or builds a business or accumulates wealth or accomplishes anything of any merit.."
--Tom Callos, Team Coach for The 100. and The Ultimate Black Belt Test, from a letter to participants.


Big results in your business can come from lots of little actions.

Perform 10 acts of marketing a day and in a month of working days you'll have accomplished about 200 acts, more than many business-people are doing in a year (which is very good for you!).

What is an act of marketing? Anything you do to market and promote your business: passing out business cards, making a sales calls, sending a promotional e-mails, writing the first draft of a press release, giving a business-related talk, or writing an article for publication. Our policy is that every act of marketing counts, no matter the size.

To master marketing you mix the small acts with the big ones --and you keep moving forward until you get the results you're looking for. Acts of marketing accumulate into something extraordinary!


"Most people aren't good at marketing --because they don't DO IT!"
--Jay Conrad Levinson, Author and Guerilla Marketing Guru

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